You Can Learn Series ReVamps Web Site for New Look.

    September 1, 2004, You Can Learn Series, President Ken Brown announces that the website for is being changed to a brand new format. The new format will allow the free website to provide more information in a more timely fashion to all the users of the site.

We have discontinued the videos and have changed to a format of education through print and examples. You Can Learn Series will be able to provide fresh, dynamic content quickly to all users. Interesting topics will be delivered weekly in multiple subject areas. Such as information on  programming in C# and ASP.Net,great tutorials on SQL and how to maximize your learning SQL. Brand new content on gardening. Finally we have begun to roll out our articles on Weightlifting and how you can have that perfect body you've always dreamed of, with excellent descriptions of how to perform specific weightlifting manuevers. We have also begun our New Section on Good Health, where we intend to share with you lessons we have learned to enhance our health, lose weight and enjoy life more.

New Articles Delivered This Month

C# and ASP.Net Programming
  • How to Create a Class
    A short tutorial on creating classes in C# and then how to use the class you created.
  • Creating projects and solutions in Visual Studio.Net. Learning how to create a solution and project allows you to do quick application development and do rapid testing on the best ideas you have to solve a specific problem.
  • Many people don't realize the power that is available in using methods. The base tool in object oriented programming, allows you to create reusable pieces in your coding and moves you into the ranks of professional programmers.
  • Events and EventHandlers are key to basic C# programming, but how many of us could use a little help in setting events in ASP.Net and in C# code behind?
Landscaping and the use of Plants

We start with plants that can be found and grown easily in Northern Illinois.
  • The Hosta is a terrifc shade plant that comes in a variety of shades of green and white. You can get a variety ranging from all green to a variegated green and white. The leaf sizes range from thin strips to broad leaf the size of basketball shoes.
  • A very popular plant found around the house is the Yew. This has been an interesting plant that can grow low to the ground, as a large bush and even trimmed to look like animals.
  • The most interesting plant in this month's collection is the Fallopia. A hardy shade plant, it grows leaves that are speckeled many different shades of green and white. A lovely addition to your backyard.
Our Weightlifting Section is New

We hope you enjoy the newest addition to our website, the section where we help weekend warriors and large size bodybuilders. Over the weeks ahead, go to our main page on weightlifting, where we provide for you the hows and how tos of lifting weights for looking your best and scuplting your perfect body. Whether you have been lifting for years, or you are new to the sport, we have info that will help you to achieve that perfect look. Check us out.
We look forward to providing you with fresh content in a wide variety of fields. Most will reflect our hobbies and interests and we hope you will visit us many times throughout the year to get the answer you are looking for in your quest for knowledge. Enjoy this month's selections.

Success is Achieved by doing the fundamentals - Are you happy with the results. Did we get the number of visitors we wished for? Did our visitors click on revenue producing links and ads? Were our page views up for the year or down? Did users visit more than one page? Did they make it to the order form and then abandon or did they continue and purchase our products?

Latest You Can Learn Series Blog Articles:

We Arrive in Santiago de Compestela Spain

We walked for Thirty Three days straight

We have arrived in Santiago. We walked for 33 straight days. Some days were 12 milers and as many as 18 miles or more in one day. We reached our destination. We decided not to rush to reach the city. Mary had accidentally banged her knee on the table at the restaurant the night before and it was a little tender.

Day 31 Palas de Rei to Ribadiso

We have walked 31 days to Santiago de Compostela

Today we started early because we had reserved a room at an albergue and we had to get there by 2pm or we lost the reservation. Mary set a blistering pace in the dark morning mist. Sunrise is at 8 am but this morning we had clouds and fog so it was darker than yesterday. The path through the city was okay but then leaving the city it became more difficult.

Three days of walking left in our Camino

We only have 66 kilometers to Santiago

We have walked for 30 days with only 3 days till we reach our destination of Santiago de Compostela. It has been an amazing journey. We are in the Galicia region of Spain known for the rain it receives. Well we are extremely lucky because the weather has been beautiful for walking. It starts out cool in the high 40s but then warms up to the low to mid 70s. With plenty of sunshine.

We arrived in Sarria

Five walking days to Santiago

Today we started late at 8 am. We were almost the last people out of Triacastela walking the Camino.

Ocebreiro to Triacastela

Only 6 days remaining on the Camino de Santiago

We are sitting in a restaurant in the little village of Triacastela on day 27 having tapas. It was a short 12 miles that were mostly down. Tomorrow we hope to go to Sarria.

Views from Astorga Spain

From Leon to Astorga on the Camino de Santiago

We visited Leon, Spain yesterday and then we walked 35Km today. Leon was wonderful. Today we walked in rain for the first time. We went 35 KM yesterday for no other reason than we could.

Walked 17 Miles Today

Today we walked 17 miles on the Camino

Today we are sitting at the albergue in Terradillos de las Templarios. We are at the halfway point in our journey. We have walked over 250 miles or 400 kilometers. I truly didn't think we would be able to do this. Mary has been a real trouper walking through bad knees and the pain of shin splints.

Finished a Third of our Camino Experience

We have walked a Third of the way to Santiago

Today finds us in Ages, Spain only 14 miles from Burgos. We are quite excited that we have managed this distance. We hoped we could but we had doubts especially those first few days where we hurt so much.

The Path to Najera Spain

Eight Days of Walking

We have been walking for 8 days now. It has been interesting, tiring, painful, fun and a real learning experience.

Walking Through the Pyrenees

Walking Through the Pyrenees

Mary and I started our journey to Santiago Spain. The first day we started in Saint Jean Pied de Port in France. The goal was to arrive in Roncevalle, Spain before nightfall.

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