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Today's newsletter presents articles on C# programming, Web Business tips and landscaping, plus highlights articles from the website that were presented in February. Articles that may interest you include weightlifting, diet and exercise. We hope you find the articles interesting and useable. Feel free to let us know what else you would like to see in the newsletter or articles that might interest you.

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C# Programming and ASP.Net Tips

Did you know that you can specify where to cache your web page and web controls by using the @OutputCache directive? There is a Location attribute on the ASP.Net @OutputCache directive that allows you to cache on the Client, Downstream, Server, None and Any.

It is an enumerated object that you can use on the ASP.Net page or in your C# code behind. This is what the locations mean.

Any - This stores the output cache in the client's browser, on the proxy server (or any other server) that participates in the request, or on the server where the request is processed. By default, Any is selected.

Client - This stores output cache in the client's browser.

Downstream - This stores the output cache in any cache-capable devices (other than the origin server) that participate in the request.

Server - This stores the output cache on the Web Server.

None - This turns off the output cache.

For more information on the @OutputCache directive visit the Microsoft MSDN site.

Stylesheet Tips for Visual Studio .Net and ASP.Net

I learned something new today that I thought I would share with you. It is a very simple thing concerning CSS and ASP.Net in the Visual Studio .Net environment. In the past, I always added the line of code to attach to the stylesheet, but I always had to look it up, because I couldn't remember the exact syntax. It turns out there is an easy way to add the CSS stylesheet to your webform This article will show you how.

Using ListItem Collection to Populate a ListBox Control

This article shows you how to add items to a ListBox control using ListItem. When you drag and drop a ListBox object onto your web form, there are many ways to populate the ListBox. One of the easiest ways is to add items through the items collection property in the properties tab. But what if you want to populate the ListBox with data captured from other places?

Using Client Side State Management Techniques

Client Side State Management This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method of state management. When your user clicks on an URL or button or server side control, how do you remember the information that is currently on the page. These are the techniques to save the information on the client side and not the server side.



Hidden Fields


Web Business Tips

Are you looking to increase traffic to your site each month? Did you realize your best traffic will come from people who are already familiar with your site and would like to visit your site again? So how do you get them to come back to your web site? There are two sure fire winners.

1. Send out a newsletter each month. Only send your newsletter to people who have requested it. There is no need to spam to make people aware of your site. If you build a site rich in content that changes regularly, then people will be interested in returning to read the new information you added to your site. Your newsletter doesn't need to be elaborate. Just highlight the new articles or products you added, plus a couple of short paragraphs of interest to your users and send it out to your newsletter requestors. Be sure an add a way for your newsletter readers to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

2. Add an RSS feed. I am a big believer in RSS feeds. RSS stands for really simple syndication and it allows your users to decide when to receive your news. You create a simple XML file and a button on your site and people interested in keeping up to date with your news will click on your RSS button. Then using an RSS reader like Pluck, they are able to read little snippets about your latest happenings.

The RSS feed is pull technology, meaning they request the information from you and pull it. The newsletter is push technology, where you are pushing information to your users.

I recommend you use these in combination. Some users don't like giving out their email addresses and other users aren't sophisticated enough at this time to use the RSS feed. Use both and get repeat customers coming to your site every month or week.

Diet and Exercise Tips

Challenge Yourself to Lose Weight in 8 Weeks

Notice today's title. Challenge Yourself to Lose Weight in 8 Weeks. It isn't a challenge against other people. It is a challenge against yourself. A chance to push yourself to greater achievement and self esteem. A chance to change yourself into someone else. A chance to grow as a person. A chance to watch your weight change.

Landscape Tips

February is over and we are heading into March. Spring is fast approaching. Have you been outside yet? Has it been warm enough to enjoy the sunshine? Have you started looking at your plants and wondering if they survived the winter? Have you been making plans for your back yard or front yard landscaping projects? Now is the time to be making those decisions. Don't wait until spring is over. Make plans now and begin to research plants and perennials to beautify your yard.

Do you have a section in your yard that gets worn each summer? It's that path between the house and the garden. Or where the kids run out to the swing set. That path created each weekend when you walk to the shed in back to get the lawnmower and lawn tools. Here is a nifty, inexpensive idea to make it permanent yet keep it looking nice.

Stake out the path 24 inches to 36 inches wide. Then dig it out 2 to 4 inches deep the entire length. Place layers of newspapers the length of the path. Make the newspapers as thick as possible to keep weeds from popping up. Then cover the newspapers with 4 to 6 inches of wood chips. Talk to your local electric utility and see if you can get free wood chips from them. When they trim trees around the electric wires they cut up the trees into wood chips. Around by us they create huge piles of wood chips.

When you are finished, you will have a beautiful path that will withstand the wear and tear of the kids and other family members. Just add a couple of inches of new wood chips each spring to keep it fresh looking.

Other articles from February…

Rose of Sharon withstands Harsh Conditions

The Rose of Sharon is a perennial that is hardy in harsh conditions. This perennial can withstand dry areas in your yard, next to the driveway and is a great row plant between neighbors.

Jackman Potentilla has Bright Yellow FLowers

The Jackman Potentilla is a native Midwest perennial that produces bright yellow flowers throughout the summer. The potentilla does well in sunshine and can survive in some shade. They can be used as foundation plantings, in low hedges and in masses.

Weightlifting Tips

Upright Row with Dumbbells

The upright row with dumbbells is a terrific shoulder exercise. Most weight trainers will include this exercise in their shoulder workouts. You can also do the same exercise with a barbell instead of the dumbbells. This page shows photos of the upright row shoulder workout with dumbbells. The exercise works the shoulder muscles and is a great addition to your shoulder workouts.

Behind the Neck Press with Barbell

Great Shoulder workout the behind the neck press with barbell works the back and middle deltoids. This page shows photos of the exercise and explains the proper method to perform the weight training workout. The deltoids consist of 3 muscles the front, middle and back deltoids.

Shoulder Shrug with Dumbbells

The shoulder shrug with dumbbells is a good shoulder exercise for the trapezius muscles. This page shows photos of the Shrug shoulder workout with dumbbells. The exercise is a great addition to your shoulder workouts.

Front Deltoid Raise with Dumbbells

The front deltoid raise with dumbbells is a good shoulder exercise for the anterior deltoids. Take it just above your shoulders and then hold for one second. That is where the muscles will burn most. This page shows photos of the Front Deltoid Raise shoulder workout with dumbbells. The exercise works the shoulder muscles and anterior deltoids and is a great addition to your shoulder workouts.

I Ran Out Of Blog Ideas What Should I Write About - Blog Article Idea Starters - Do you ever reach that point where you don't know what to blog about next? As long as it isn't fatal, meaning you are so sick of blogging you never want to see your blog ever again, then these tips may prove useful for you.

Latest You Can Learn Series Blog Articles:

We Arrive in Santiago de Compestela Spain

We walked for Thirty Three days straight

We have arrived in Santiago. We walked for 33 straight days. Some days were 12 milers and as many as 18 miles or more in one day. We reached our destination. We decided not to rush to reach the city. Mary had accidentally banged her knee on the table at the restaurant the night before and it was a little tender.

Day 31 Palas de Rei to Ribadiso

We have walked 31 days to Santiago de Compostela

Today we started early because we had reserved a room at an albergue and we had to get there by 2pm or we lost the reservation. Mary set a blistering pace in the dark morning mist. Sunrise is at 8 am but this morning we had clouds and fog so it was darker than yesterday. The path through the city was okay but then leaving the city it became more difficult.

Three days of walking left in our Camino

We only have 66 kilometers to Santiago

We have walked for 30 days with only 3 days till we reach our destination of Santiago de Compostela. It has been an amazing journey. We are in the Galicia region of Spain known for the rain it receives. Well we are extremely lucky because the weather has been beautiful for walking. It starts out cool in the high 40s but then warms up to the low to mid 70s. With plenty of sunshine.

We arrived in Sarria

Five walking days to Santiago

Today we started late at 8 am. We were almost the last people out of Triacastela walking the Camino.

Ocebreiro to Triacastela

Only 6 days remaining on the Camino de Santiago

We are sitting in a restaurant in the little village of Triacastela on day 27 having tapas. It was a short 12 miles that were mostly down. Tomorrow we hope to go to Sarria.

Views from Astorga Spain

From Leon to Astorga on the Camino de Santiago

We visited Leon, Spain yesterday and then we walked 35Km today. Leon was wonderful. Today we walked in rain for the first time. We went 35 KM yesterday for no other reason than we could.

Walked 17 Miles Today

Today we walked 17 miles on the Camino

Today we are sitting at the albergue in Terradillos de las Templarios. We are at the halfway point in our journey. We have walked over 250 miles or 400 kilometers. I truly didn't think we would be able to do this. Mary has been a real trouper walking through bad knees and the pain of shin splints.

Finished a Third of our Camino Experience

We have walked a Third of the way to Santiago

Today finds us in Ages, Spain only 14 miles from Burgos. We are quite excited that we have managed this distance. We hoped we could but we had doubts especially those first few days where we hurt so much.

The Path to Najera Spain

Eight Days of Walking

We have been walking for 8 days now. It has been interesting, tiring, painful, fun and a real learning experience.

Walking Through the Pyrenees

Walking Through the Pyrenees

Mary and I started our journey to Santiago Spain. The first day we started in Saint Jean Pied de Port in France. The goal was to arrive in Roncevalle, Spain before nightfall.

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